Timeless Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Square Raised Panel - Stained and Glazed


Maple is the one of the hardest and second most popular of all the cabinet woods. Natural characteristics of maple cabinetry include gray mineral streaks and variations in grain patterns and color. Maple is generally responsive to light and its overall color will change (usually towards a light yellow shade) over time, particularly when exposed to light. The surface appearance of maple is a combination of soft, flowing grains, intermingled with different "patterns" caused by varying density. Maple is close-grained and well suited for use with enamel finishes and brown tones, and takes a polish well. Below are pictures of maple kitchen cabinets that we offer.


Square Raised Panel - Natural Finish


Cathedral Raised Panel - Natural

Shaker Raised Panel - Natural

Roman Arch Raised Panel - Honey Finish

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