History of the Kitchen


The kitchen, like differentiated space, appeared in century V adC, conserving a noticeable religious character: the own home where they were cooked all viands was also used like place of cult to the Gods lares. The Roman kitchens were very well equipped, having laundry, furnace of bread, cistern, tripods of bronze, cavities to prick spices... Already in the Average Age, the kitchens of the castles happened to be an important place, the daily activity was constant. They were enormous cockpits with gigantic chimneys, in each kitchen one or several of them could be found. They were divided in numerous annexed (bakery, Fruit stand...). On the other hand in the bourgeois houses and farms the kitchen used to be a common cockpit as much for the reception of people, as for the accomplishment of the food and its later consumption. In the Renaissance they are perfected, as much the equipment, as the decoration.


The European noble kitchens begin to be very luxurious, caused mainly by the culinary revolution that took place. Into century XIX the technical progresses, as they were it the kitchen battery and mainly the furnace, transformed the kitchens in which great chef baptized like a "laboratory". In the bourgeois houses it was a totally separated space of the rest of the house and that even had a door on watch. It was gotten to locate in the cellar or at the end of long corridors. The used utensils began to be very abundant: balances, Drained, services of places setting, spice batteries, frying pans, jars, etc. The land of the housewife was considered and as it proves of it in Germany it created the "three stereotype of K" (Kinder: children, Kirche: church, and Küche: kitchen). It already was in century XX when, due to the progresses in illumination, the concepts of decoration and the appearance of the refrigeration apparatuses, have been integrated the kitchen in the rest of the house. It was in the middle of century when due to the limitations of space they began to appear more functional equipment and began the commercialization of kitchens already equipped.


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